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Jaime Rodriguez

Jaime Rodriguez

Portland Community College Federation of Faculty & Academic Professionals (AFT Local 2277)

“Julia gives staff and students the best opportunity for change at Portland City Hall. She provides strong leadership around the many problems that compound their daily lives, such as transportation, housing affordability, and climate protections. Change requires new ideas, new faces and fresh outlooks to resolve these issues.”

Bill McKibben 2

Bill McKibben

Climate Change Expert & Environmentalist

“Julia DeGraw has pushed hard for real environmental progress for years – Portland needs that, and in fact the world does too.”


Bill Bradbury

Former Oregon Secretary of State & State Senator

“The climate is changing, we need new leadership. That’s why I support Julia DeGraw for Portland City Council.”

mary king photo

Mary C. King

Professor of Economics Emerita, Portland State University

“I support Julia DeGraw for City Council because she is committed to a smart program for a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable Portland through district elections, affordable housing for all, living wage jobs and environmental justice.”

Skipper image

A.L. Skipper Osborne

Former President, Portland NAACP & Founder, Truth and Justice for All

“Julia is the only candidate talking about changing Portland’s unrepresentative form of government, which stems from Jim Crow policies. She’s not afraid to call out injustice wherever she sees it, and do what it takes to fight for the people. Julia is a breath of fresh air. She is exactly what this city needs.”

stephanie brown

Stephanie Brown

Registered Nurse and Union Member

“I am a nurse who appreciates Julia DeGraw’s advocacy for all of Portland, including the sections of Portland that have been left behind. I love this town and want to see us shine. She wants to support the working class so we can stay in our homes, she wants east Portland to get the attention we deserve, and she recognizes the real healthcare issues my patients face. I endorse Julia DeGraw for Portland City Council.”


Betty Holladay

Board of Directors, SEIU 503

“I am proud to personally endorse Julia DeGraw. She will represent those who are under-represented on the Council – namely those struggling every day with housing issues and economic insecurity. As an activist union member, I applaud Julia’s commitment to workers’ rights. Her plan to create districts for the Council supports constituents largely ignored by the majority of the Commissioners, who live in Southwest Portland. Julia took on Nestle to protect our water in the Gorge and won. I want to see Julia’s tenacity on City Council – fighting for all of Portland’s residents.”


Wenonah Hauter

Founder & Executive Director, Food & Water Action

“Julia DeGraw is a smart, scrappy, and strategic organizer who lead the fight to kick Nestle out of the Gorge and won. She knows how to build coalitions and bring together community power to deliver results – and her values are uncompromised – she will always put the interests of people over corporate profits. Julia is exactly the type of person we need more of in government. I enthusiastically endorse Julia DeGraw for Portland City Council.”


Angela Valdes

Small Business Owner, Tea Chai Te

“Julia DeGraw is the visionary leader we need in Portland. We have an advocate in Julia, who will fight for small businesses to succeed. Julia knows that small businesses like mine are a big part of what makes each Portland neighborhood a special and unique place. She understands that the city must do more to support thousands of local small business owners – not just the large corporate interests that regularly come knocking on City Hall’s door.”



“Milenio Grassroots Committee is excited to endorse Julia DeGraw. We know that Julia can negotiate complicated issues without compromising her values. Julia supports a welcoming Sanctuary City for all people, regardless of immigration status, and she will be a good advocate for the people of Portland in City Hall.”


Michael Sonnleitner

Portland Community College Board Member, Zone 3

“Transformational leadership is needed at this time. Julia DeGraw is an agent for change that will both disturb business as usual and help build a foundation for future progress.”


Hyung Nam

Portland Public School Teacher, Union & Community Activist

“As a teacher and union and community activist, I endorse Julia DeGraw for Portland City Council. She is courageous and will represent the majority of us in Portland better than career politicians who have allowed Portland to become gentrified, unequal, polluted and congested despite the liberal and progressive pretenses. Portland cannot continue on its current trajectory of becoming a playground for the rich. Another world is possible and Julia is ready to create that with us!”

Daphne sm 2 (1)

Daphne Wysham

Director, Sustainable Energy & Economy Network

“Julia DeGraw is a tireless fighter for social and environmental justice. Portlanders would be fortunate to have her as their champion in City Hall.”

bernie our rev

Bernie PDX / Our Revolution Portland

“Julia’s vision for transforming City Council is truly inspiring. We believe it has the potential to really change how politics is done in Portland. Julia combines passion and experience, she has a track record of effective leadership, and she will be a formidable challenger to Nick Fish and to entrenched business interests!”


Mandy Dye

New Seasons Workers United

“I support Julia DeGraw for Portland City Council because she understands that workers deserve a living wage and a voice on the job.”

gray p

Portland Gray Panthers

“Julia brings integrity to our City Council at a time when we need action, not more rhetoric. Portland Gray Panthers supports Julia over incumbent Nick Fish because she will do a better job advocating for low-income households and for more affordable housing. Additionally, Julia isn’t afraid to take on corporate interests when they threaten public resources. We need her voice in City Hall.”


Jen Davis

KBOO Radio & Bee Friendly Portland

“As Senior Northwest Organizer of Food & Water Watch, Julia DeGraw worked tirelessly, both in the streets and through local and state government, to stand up to polluters, conserve our precious resources, and fight for better health and equality for all in our region. We need the impassioned vitality and expertise of Julia DeGraw to help solve our very serious challenges in Portland.”

Dan Jaffee

Daniel Jaffe

Associate Professor, Sociology Department, Portland State

“Portland needs truly progressive elected officials who will put human needs and the environment ahead of the moneyed interests that have too much power at City Hall. Julia DeGraw has a proven record of standing up to powerful corporations – and winning.”