“It’s past time for City Council to prioritize the people over developer profits, corporate interests, and complacent politicians. I’ve spent my career fighting for and alongside the people, and bringing diverse groups together to create change. I led the fight to prevent Nestlé from bottling our public water in the Columbia River Gorge – and we won. I have the experience and track record to bring bold change to City Hall. Together, we can create a better Portland for all of us.”

Business as usual at City Hall isn’t working for all Portlanders.

Wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living. Housing costs are through the roof. And big business influence has deepened our city’s economic and environmental crises. My campaign is about building power with the people to make real change in our community.

Living east of 82nd Avenue, I see first-hand the impact of this neglect on my community. This neglect is partially a product of outer East Portland’s lack of representation on City Council. Not a single City Commissioner lives East of Cesar E Chavez Boulevard, even though the area is Portland’s fastest-growing. This is a fundamental problem, which needs to change – this election means being part of a real shift in City Hall.

My years of experience winning real protections for our environment and building coalitions for good, clean jobs have shown my commitment to a future which serves all Portlanders. Every day, it is my job as an organizer to bring together impacted communities, experts, and activists to craft solutions based on equity, transparency, accountability, and real relationships.


“When we stand together against corporate interests, we can win”

From beating back Nestlé’s plan to bottle public water in the Gorge, to organizing against fossil fuel extraction and fighting Monsanto’s toxic agricultural practices, I know what it takes to bring Oregonians together to fight for each other. The experience, skills, and values that drive my economic and environmental justice advocacy will also guide me as a Portland City Commissioner.

When leaders talk about diversity, they often mean token representation. I will make sure that leaders and members of diverse communities actually drive policy decisions in City Hall. Disenfranchised communities have seen the worst impacts of environmental damage, the unequal economic boom, and racial bias in our city. Actions have to match values. That’s why I will not accept corporate contributions to my campaign.

City politics works when it embraces the people’s voices over the interests of corporations. This is Our City, and Our Future. Please join me in making it better by endorsing, volunteering, or donating to my campaign for Portland City Council (Position 2).

Julia's History of Fighting for the People

Defeated Nestlé

After 9 years, the fight to Keep Nestlé Out of the Gorge is finally over when Governor Brown stops the Nestlé deal for good.

May 2016

No LNG Exports

Helped organize a landmark statewide day of action in Salem demanding No Liquified Natural Gas exports in Oregon, and opposing two proposed facilities.

May 2015

Fought Fast Track & the TPP Trade Deal

Partnered with unions and environmental groups to fight Fast Track and the TPP trade deal in statewide days of action and lobbying efforts to key members of Congress.

May 2014

Fought for GMO Labelling

Played a large role in the statewide GMO food labeling ballot measure to give Oregonians the right to know. Monsanto and other corporations spent more money per vote than ever before to narrowly defeat Measure 92.

May 2013

Fought to Take Back The Tap

Prevented Multnomah County from spending taxpayer money to purchase bottled water.


Launches Keep Nestlé Out of the Gorge Coalition

Begins 9 year fight to prevent Nestlé from bottling our public water in the Columbia River Gorge.


Gifford Pinchot Task Force (2006-2009)

Fought a copper mine proposal on Mt. St. Helens; lobbied for more Wild and Scenic rivers in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

October 2017

Passed Hood River Water Protection Measure to Keep Nestlé Out

Played a lead role in the successful campaign to outlaw commercial water bottling in Hood River County, where Nestlé wanted to build its plant.

May 2015

Submitted 30,000 Public Comments Against Nestlé

Submitted the largest number of comments ever to the Water Resources Department opposing a water rights swap for Nestlé. Delivered 30,000 public comments to Governor Brown asking her to stop the proposal.

April 2015

Stopped Measure 20-186 to Protect Portland’s Water

Worked with local groups to stop Measure 20-186 from passing, which would have destroyed the Portland Water Bureau and the Department of Environmental Services and replaced them with a water district board that could easily be stacked with corporate interests.

November 2014

Passed Bill Calling on Congress to Fund Public Water & Sewer Systems

Worked with then Representative Michael Dembrow to pass Renew America’s Water Memorial, calling on Congress to create a Clean Water Trust Fund to adequately fund our public water and sewer systems (and create thousands of jobs in Oregon).

October 2010

Becomes NW Organizer at Food & Water Watch

Started job as the NW Organizer at environmental and social justice org, Food and Water Watch. Food and Water Watch stands up to corporations that put profits before people, and advocates for a democracy that improves people’s lives and protects our environment.


Green Corps (2004-2005)

Registered and turned out young voters with New Voters Project (now Rock the Vote); defended the ESA during the Bush era; and fought Coca Cola’s illegal water bottling practices in India.