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Business as usual at City Hall isn’t working for all Portlanders.

Wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living. Housing costs are through the roof. And corporate influence has deepened our city’s economic and environmental crises. 

My campaign is about building power with the people to make real change in our community. I will draw on my experience as a community and environmental justice organizer to make this goal a reality.

Actions have to match values. That’s why I will not accept corporate contributions to my campaign. City politics works when it embraces the people’s voices over the interests of corporations.  Learn More


Democratizing City Hall

City Council has not done enough to keep housing affordable, help create living wage jobs, and make City Hall a transparent, accountable, community-led decision-making space. Necessary policies that benefit Portlanders are hard to achieve under the existing structure – that’s why it needs to change. Learn More

Living Wage jobs


Living wage jobs are the foundation of a strong, equitable Portland that meets our basic needs. I will drive policies that raise standards for workers, and build the coalitions needed to win meaningful change for working families. Working Portlanders should know that they have an ally and fellow worker on City Council – not someone beholden to corporate interests. Learn More

Affordable Housing

Portlanders need relief from this historic housing crisis, which is driving displacement, poverty, and houselessness among our friends and neighbors. Market speculation and a lack of basic tenant protections has caused a dramatic decrease in quality of life for many. A few are reaping massive profits, while many worry about coming home to a rent increase or no-cause eviction. Learn More


The majority of people Portland police engage with are not criminals, and shouldn’t be treated as such. We cannot police ourselves out of a public health crisis. We need increased accountability for officers and better training. Learn More




City Hall has neglected East Portland for too long. We need more transportation options, safer and more sidewalks, road improvements, and City Council meetings in our community. Learn more




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